"I moved into my house two years ago and could not have been more excited for a larger more spacious pantry, but the problem was that my pantry was a mess.  I had imagined a pantry that was easily accessible for myself and children, store appliances and have some basic organization.  And that is exactly what Kaelee created for us and more.  Everything has its place now and it has been easy to maintain because Kaelee customized it for our lifestyle.  Family and friends always comment on our “beautiful” pantry!  Destress the Mess is the BEST!!!"

- Jamie Netfield

“Kaelee helped my husband and I accomplish something that we had been trying to do for 9 years on our own- set up a neat and tidy garage! Before we worked with her we’d have “garage clean-up weekends” several times a year which often left us miserable and swearing. But in just a few days working with Kaelee we now have an organized garage that we feel confident we can maintain. Kaelee was patient yet kept us moving along at a swift pace. We are so grateful for her expertise, wisdom and professionalism.”

- Erin McGlone

I was a Pre-K teacher and site coordinator of a Head Start Program.  We had lots of resources in a very large storage room where the sheves were stuffed with books, toys and other educational materials.  It was impossible to find the materials we needed for each lesson plan.  Kaelee came to our rescue!  With her organizational skills, professional attitude and hard work, she decluttered the storage area and organized and labeled the entire room.  She truly organized every nook and cranny.  Kaelee created a library area and a book organizational system. She also designated an area for teachers to sit in comfy rocking chairs and review the materials. Our staff was so excited, they actually kept the area tidy and organized.  Kaelee gave us life changing ideas to utilize a system for the storage area and the library resources.  Thank you Kaelee!

- Cindy Stewart